Who’s in for a little sneak peek? Get ready for an exclusive view behind the scenes on our FW2020 shoot in the Dutch countryside. And yes, we have some real stunning newcomers in the collection. Here’s a first look on what's new and what's about to come..
We design our bags to stand the test of time. A long life should be beautiful and exciting. We list our top tips to Restyle, Rewear and Revamp your beloved O My Bag.
We’ve listed some of our favorite recommendations - get comfy and have a look at our stay-at-home lifestyle content.
2020 is only one month in, and its already time to take a little break to totally refresh. We think you’re not the only one who deserves a retreat; we think your bag does too. So guess what? We've created a plan (and yes, tested the steps ourselves) for you and your bag – to fully recharge and start this year with a bang.
Since we’re an eco-friendly brand, we try to make the world around us happy by using business as a force for good, we decided to participate in Black Friday in a positive way, by donating the profits to a cause we’re passionate about.
We celebrate used products and encourage our customers to repair them whenever possible. That's why we came up with a special initiative.
O My Bag is a company of women; we mainly design for women, we work with women in India and at the office you can find 8 women and one man. Today we’re celebrating women in business by shining the spotlight on 3 special ladies in our lives; Marieke Eyskoot, Swapna Das and Ipshita Wadhwa.
To the mothers all around the world, we're putting in the spotlight some of our mothers of the O My Bag Team!
Many terrible incidents have occurred in the fashion industry in recent years. One of these incidents was the collapse of the Rana Plaza Building in Dhaka, Bangladesh. On 24 April 2013 an eight-story garment factory collapsed in the capital of Bangladesh. The incident killed 1,133 people and over 2,500 people were injured.