OMB celebrates International Women’s Day by advocating for greater transparency and accountability in the fashion industry. As a first step, we’re committed to empowering women at every stage in our own supply chain. And this time around, we’d like to share with you how our Woven Leather is impacting women in India.

Looking Back It’s strange to look back on January 2022, when the majority of the world had brought back COVID-19 restrictions and our team was still working from home, holding out hope that the pandemic would soon be behind us. One year on and we couldn’t be more proud of our achievements and our team that made them happen. The O My Bag Team The Team One of the most exciting parts of 2022 was the new faces who joined O My Bag. Growing from 17 to 25 people marked a big milestone in our journey, and it was a...

Since 2021, we have sourced the recycled and organic cotton fabric for our signature striped lining from Dibella India. Since this lining is inside every O My Bag, we can safely say that cotton is our second most important material. Together with Dibella’s staff we visited all production steps of our cotton in the South of India, following the whole way from field to fabric.

O My Boss Paulien Wesselink reflects on the big wins from past year including celebrating O My Bags 10th anniversary to becoming a B corp, and much more!

In the summer of 2019 we started our application to become B Corp Certified. Becoming a B Corp is not easy, the application process involves many steps and a thorough company assessment. It has been a long journey, but we can proudly say we made it to the finish line! Joining the big leagues of sustainable fashion, we are excited to continue on our mission; changing the world, one bag at a time. 
Hooray! Here's our 2020 Sustainability Report. It aims at providing more detailed insights into our impact as a company and reflects on our business practices, as well as our social and sustainable achievements.

Here we are, eleven collections later, and many more to come, but you never forget your first time. We look over O My Bag's 'firsts' over the past 10 years. From Paulien’s very first trip to India, to opening our first store and now, celebrating our 10 year anniversary.

We're ready to kick off our 10 year anniversary year with our new Spring/Summer 2021 Collection! Say hello to some timeless newcomers in our new blog!

Croc o' Clock! Time to take a closer look at our beautiful Croco Leather. We’ll spill all the details on how each piece is individually crafted to reduce production waste and to create a one-of-a-kind look for you. Read more to learn all about your croco faves!
Who’s in for a little sneak peek? Get ready for an exclusive view behind the scenes on our FW2020 shoot in the Dutch countryside. And yes, we have some real stunning newcomers in the collection. Here’s a first look on what's new and what's about to come..
It’s never too late to plan a little staycation at home. Don’t you worry – the O My Bag team have listed some of our favorite staycation ideas that will help bring a fresh breeze into your life, having that ‘getaway’ feel before Fall starts. Here are some adventures to set out. Ways to embrace life!
Fashion Revolution week is back for 2020. Transparency is at the heart of this not-for-profit organization and in support we want to celebrate our amazing workers behind the bag. Plus, read all about our Special Pre-Loved Sale to help our extended family in India during these difficult times.
We’ve listed some of our favorite recommendations - get comfy and have a look at our stay-at-home lifestyle content.
Remember last August, when we asked you to name a new handbag in our permanent collection? We have good news for you, she's here! Welcome: The Gina Bag.
Who run the world? Girls! Yes - we already know that, but as it’s International Women’s Day we want to shine a light on some power women dear to our hearts: The ladies who make our dust bags. Plus, we'll give you 4 tips to get the most out of your own dust bag.
Welcome to my first blog post. I am Leonie, the new Sustainability Manager at O My Bag. I ensure that as a company we’re taking every step possible to minimize our environmental footprint and maximize our social impact. Every couple of months I’ll be posting updates on our sustainable journey, our big goals, and how we’re going to achieve them.
If there’s one thing the O My Bag team likes to do, its enjoy good food! We love sharing recipes and discuss how we can contribute more to our sustainable journey. This month we took part in #organicseptember, set up by the UK soil organization to promote local and organic produce. They aim to take action together to create a better food and farming system, which produces healthy food and protects the planet.
At the O My Bag HQ, we often find ourselves discussing issues surrounding sustainability over a coffee or during our lunch break. Lately, single-use plastic has been a hot topic of conversation. Our Visual Brand Designer Hayley has been attempting to cut out single-use plastic completely which has inspired many of us to look at our plastic use too. This lead to a 1 week challenge of eliminating single-use plastic from our lunch purchases.
Whether you are aware of it or not, almost everyone who dresses has a relationship with ‘fast fashion’. We write this blog during Fashion Revolution Week 2019, 22nd-28th April, a time perfect to reflect on this relationship on a critical level and have a conversation about our fashion love habits.
We believe Fashion Revolution Week is a moment to celebrate the women – both the wearers and the makers. We’ve put together a list of brands we love that actively empower female workers and create beautiful fashion. These businesses employ, support, and help vulnerable women across the world and their female-led initiatives are sure to inspire you.
Two weeks ago O My Bag’s sales manager Loes went to Japan, to explore this market where people seem to look flawless 24/7 and outfits are always on point. We explored Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka and fell in love with the country big time!
As a brand we find it important to give back and support local projects in the area which we operate. Thanks to our growth, this was the first time we were able to make such a big donation of 3000 backpacks! We know that giving in developing countries can be a controversial subject and we are happy to generally support a trade vs. aid philosophy. However, after visiting the project and carefully assessing the partnership, we decided to do it.
Tea time! We love Chai. You know, that spicy and fragrant milky tea drunk across most of India and much of east Africa? Everybody at The Loyal Workshop (they make our beautiful luggage tags) knows that Kakali’s Chai is the best!