An Introduction to Apple Leather

At O My Bag we continue to innovate on the materials we use, and over the past few years, we’ve been working to find a durable and low impact leather alternative. In 2020 we came across apple leather, and for the first time, Apple Leather will debut in our FW21 collection. A vegan alternative made from residual apple waste, we could not be more excited!

by Mairead Carter on Jul 13, 21

Apple leather is coming soon!

In an effort to continually become more sustainable, we are so proud to announce the introduction of Apple Leather to our O My Bag collection - Arriving Soon! 
This new vegan leather consists of up to 40% residual apple waste from skins, stems and fibres of the fruit, and the other 60% is a blend of polyurethane (PU), polyester, cotton or viscose. When it comes to the environmental impact, Apple Leather has a small impact on  the land, energy use, and resource consumption, compared to other available materials. 

Apple Leather Material Infographic

What does it look like?

We were searching for a material with leather-like properties, not just for aesthetic purposes but also for longevity. Apple leather has the same high quality appearance as our cow leathers, and a similar feel. As a vegan leather it has a firm and thick texture this is also supple, perfect for our bags and accessories. 

Audrey, Cognac Checkered Apple Leather & Audrey Mini Cognac Checkered Apple Leather

When will O My Bag's Apple Leather products be available?

We will be releasing a few select products in our Apple Leather soon! Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with our exciting New Arrivals. 

Love, Team OMB x