An Introduction to Apple Leather

At O My Bag we're continuously innovating on our material use. To accommodate our customers who avoid animal products, we've been on the lookout for a durable, low-impact leather alternative for years and we finally found it in our so-called Apple Leather! This is a vegan leather alternative made from residual apple waste.

by Mairead Carter on Jul 13, 2021

Introducing a vegan leather alternative: Apple Leather

Apple Leather is a vegan leather alternative made from AppleSkin.  This is a bio-based material made from apple skin, stem and fibers that are ground into a fine powder, which is mixed with organic pigment and transformed into vegan leather. Apple Leather is partly made of apple waste and is backed by a blend of polyester, PU, cotton and viscose, which gives it the necessary strength and durability. It was hard to find a material that could compete with our real leather on durability and looks, but would also meet our high sustainability standards. After lots of research, we can positively confirm that Apple Leather is the best leather alternative out there. It has a high-quality look and feel, and becomes slightly darker with age, developing a light patina - just like our real leather. We hope you like it just as much as we do.

When it comes to the environmental impact, Apple Leather has a small impact on the land, energy use, and resource consumption, compared to other available materials. 

Apple Leather Material Infographic

What does it look like?

We were searching for a material with leather-like properties, not just for aesthetic purposes but also for longevity. Apple leather has the same high quality appearance as our cow leathers, and a similar feel. As a vegan leather it has a firm and thick texture this is also supple, perfect for our bags and accessories. 

Apple Leather Products
Audrey Mini Cognac Checkered Apple Leather, Sonny Square Wallet Cognac Apple Leather & Audrey Black Checkered Apple Leather

Why did we choose AppleSkin™?

It wasn’t easy to find a material that could compete with our real leather in terms of durability, looks and our high sustainability standard. Our real leathers are known for their quality, thickness, and their natural ageing process. We evaluated different materials (e.g. leathers made of pineapple leaves or cactus) on durability, looks and sustainability. Besides that, we only wanted to work with a truly innovative material.

After lots of research and material samples, we know AppleSkin is the best leather alternative out there for us. It has a high-quality look and feel, it becomes slightly darker and develops a light patina, just like our real leather. FRUMAT, the company that produces AppleSkin, also shares our company values on continuously improving its sustainability, waste management and circularity, which make them a great fit for us.

Is Apple Leather environmentally friendly?

The material is created as a by-product of the food industry and utilises “waste” to create something new. This inherently has large environmental savings in resource consumption, land use and energy in comparison to creating or harvesting a virgin material. Also, the repurposing of the peels keeps them from de-composting and producing methane that affects the climate. Another plus of the apple leather is that AppleSkin™ is continuously learning and improving (like us) and has big goals to develop their material to be 100% circular. This is just the beginning, and as we keep evolving as a company, so will our products and materials to always give our customers what we believe are the best options. We can honestly say that this is the best leather alternative out there in line with our requirements and we're thrilled to announce to you our first Vegan Collection!

Audrey Mini Cognac Checkered Apple Leather & Sonny Square Wallet Black Apple Leather 

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Love, Team OMB x