Mau's Backpack - Burgundy & Dark Brown Canvas Hunter Leather

Mau Backpack Burgundy and Dark Brown Canvas and Leather. Large travel bag for men and women. Front product image.
Mau's Backpack

Large canvas backpack, knob button closure, padded straps

€ 89
Black & Camel Canvas Hunter Leather Burgundy & Dark Brown Canvas Hunter Leather
Burgundy & Dark Brown / Canvas & Hunter Leather
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Backpacks are great bags for many reasons. They’re versatile, easy to carry, and go for both men and women. Our Mau’s Backpack has a signature and stylish look and can be used for many occasions. Mau is the perfect size for a weekend getaway! It’s a spacious bag with two pockets inside, a padded laptop compartment and an extra zipper pocket on the outside. With padded straps, durable, water-resistant material and stylish design, Mau’s backpack is sure to last. Mau’s Burgundy Canvas and Dark Brown Leather combination gives this bag a rich look and feel. There’s just no wrong way to wear it! The color combination is a great way to add some color to keep every outfit timeless and sophisticated.


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