Responsibility Reports

There is always something to do! As a company, we strive to continuously improve our processes to become more transparent and sustainable over time. Learn more about how we go about this below.

Sustainability Report 2021

O My Bag is committed to releasing our sustainability report every year. Our 2021 report highlights both wins and hurdles in our sustainability efforts, and also includes an overview of our progress and future focuses.

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Sustainability Report 2020

At O My Bag we strive to make a positive difference in the world. This report reflects everything we worked on in 2020. Learn more about our ethical approach, the relationships with our partner factories and find out how we keep our environmental footprint low.

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Materiality Analysis 2020

We conducted our first Materiality Analysis in 2020 to ensure we are setting the right priorities. We assessed what our most significant impacts on society and the environment are, and shed light on the topics that matter most to our stakeholders.

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Carbon Footprint Report 2019

We calculated our carbon footprint to become more aware about our impact and effectively reduce emissions. This report summarizes our approach and the results.

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Life Cycle Assessment 2019

We calculate the total environmental impact of our bags in order to develop a data-driven reduction strategy. Learn more about our impact and the measures we are taking to reduce it in this report.

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