Black Green Friday

At O My Bag we strive to set an example in the fashion industry, with both our social and sustainability efforts. This year, much like the previous we will not be participating in any Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts. Why? The mass consumption that comes with these seasonal trends simply doesn’t fit our values. Instead of buying something new, we want to encourage you to give something back.

Green Friday

Green is the new black! Instead of lowering prices, we’re moving one step closer to a circular fashion future. 

Buy Pre-loved

Buying pre-loved is an opportunity to reduce your environmental footprint.

Spread the love

Do you have an old O My Bag that could use some love? Return it to us and we will find it a new home.

Buy better, buy pre-loved

Buying second-hand (or as we like to call it; pre-loved) is a great option for reducing your environmental footprint and making sure bags do not go to waste.

Shop Pre-loved

Just like us, our bags can’t always be perfect. Sometimes a particular leather may have blemishes or it is damaged during transportation. We believe these bags deserve a home too, which is why we’ve added these Perfectly Imperfect pieces to our collection.  

Shop Perfectly Imperfect

We encourage you to see if you have an old O My Bag and give it back to us. In exchange you will receive a 20% gift voucher to use on your next purchase. We will do our best to make someone else happy with a pre-loved bag!

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Our 1% Giving Back Policy

In previous years we donated our Green Friday revenue to social impact projects in India. As of 2021, we will continue to give back, however instead of running one time campaigns, we commit ourselves to these causes 365 days a year. It is part of our formal policy to donate 1% of our annual revenue to social projects in the areas of women empowerment and education in India. The 1% establishes a direct link between our sales and our impact which means every O My Bag purchase contributes to positive change.

Below you can learn more about the projects our 1% supports.

The Cup x Freeset

The Cup, founded by Freeset Global, is a women-only cafe in the red light district of Kolkata that offers women who work in that area a safe space, help where needed and fun activities. O My Bag contributes to the cafe facilities and entertainment for the women.

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The Brickfield Schools

The Brickfields Schools are open air schools on brickfield manufacturing sites where migrant children of brickfield workers receive education 3 hours per day. O My Bag has funded the full operational costs of three of these schools.

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The Dustbag Ladies

Eager to earn their own income to support their families, a group of women in a small village just outside Kolkata set up their own sewing factory. All O My Bag’s dust bags are ordered there, and O My Bag also provides them with training on home economics and women’s rights.

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