Pre-Loved Library

These beautiful bags have been loved by their previous owner and now are looking for a new forever home. The stories they tell, the adventures they had, the cities they’ve seen, now it’s your chance to get to know them. We believe in second chances. Do you?

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Pre-Loved - Audrey Mini - Ruby Classic Leather
€ 179
Mila - Short Handle
Ruby Classic Leather
Pre-Loved - Jewelry Box - Black Stromboli Leather
€ 69
Jewelry Box
Stromboli Leather
Pre-Loved - Harper - Black Classic Leather
€ 229
Black Classic Leather
Pre-Loved - Audrey Mini Black Croco Classic Leather
€ 159
Audrey Mini
Croco Classic Leather
Pre-Loved - Audrey - Black & Cognac Classic Leather
€ 149
Classic Leather
Pre-Loved - Emily Cognac Stromboli Leather
€ 119
Stromboli Leather
Pre-Loved - Charlie Phone Bag - Black Classic Leather
€ 69
Charlie Phone Bag
Classic Leather
Pre-Loved - Laura Bag - Ruby Checkered Classic Leather
€ 189
Ruby Classic Leather
Pre-Loved - Mila - Long Handle - Cognac Classic Leather
€ 159
Mila - Long Handle
Cognac Classic Leather
Pre-Loved - Audrey - Ruby Checkered Classic Leather
€ 219
Ruby Classic Leather
Pre-Loved - Joshua's Wallet - Natural Classic Leather
€ 25
Joshua's Wallet
Natural Classic Leather
Pre-Loved - Laptop Sleeve 12" - Dark Brown Hunter Leather
€ 49
Laptop Sleeve 12"
Laptop Sleeve 12"

Browse through our library of Pre-loved O My Bags. This collection offers a wide range of second-hand bags and accessories that are looking for a new owner. We always encourage our customers to bring back their old O My Bags that they don’t use anymore to give the bags a second chance. Here, you can find beautiful vintage accessories that are gracefully aged to bring a fun retro look to your outfit. Some of these bags are in perfect condition, almost as good as new!