We love your O My Bag as much as you do, which is why we strive to make your bag last a lifetime. We’ll do everything we can to help you take care of your bag and repair her if necessary.

Pre-loved Luna Bag in Camel Hunter Leather

Our products are designed to last a lifetime, therefore we guarantee everything we make. If your O My Bag needs a repair, we've got you covered. The costs of most repairs are on us, for some we’ll charge you a small fee.

We offer multiple repair options for sustainability purposes, and encourage you to find the best fit below.

1. DIY Repairs

A step-by-step guide to help you make small changes and repairs at home.

2. Repair Locally

Take your bag to your local repair shop. Log your repair with us via email and we'll reimburse the costs.

3. Mail-in Repair

For major repairs you can return your bag to our HQ and we'll repair the item for you.

1. DIY Repairs

Looking to add an extra hole to your strap or replace a knob button on your beloved wallet? We encourage you to first check out our DIY Quick Fix Guide below to see if self-repair may be an option. We can supply you with the materials if necessary.

If you have any questions about your DIY repair, you can reach us at

Quick Fix Guide
Broken Dog Clip on the orange webbing strap. Repair guide
2. Repair Locally

If the problem is beyond your own repair skills, get in touch with our team to arrange a local repair at one of our recommended repair shops in your area. Can’t find a repair shop close to you? Alternatively you can take it to your local repair store and we will reimburse the repair costs. 

Choosing a local repair is not only the quickest but also the most sustainable way to get your O My Bag to shine again!
To get started with your repair, click the button below.

3. Mail-in Repair

If all else fails, you can ship your repair to O My Bag in Amsterdam. We have our own repair expert who can repair your item within two to four weeks once we’ve received it. You can either ship it to us, or drop it off in one of our O My Bag stores.

If you choose to send in your O My Bag for a repair, we ask that you cover the shipping cost. The repair costs (in most cases) and the return shipping are on us. To get started with your repair, click the button below.