Salty Haze & Summer Days

O My Bag chooses the shores close to home over tropical aesthetics this year. A show of appreciation for the simple things. Think barefoot walks in the sand or a breeze of salty air: dress up and get ready for a dialogue with nature around. This season O My Bag enjoys natures offerings on our doorstep. We can’t wait to sea you. A timeless collection to pair with unrestrictive dresses, comfy denim and terrycloth all over.


Kate, Stromboli Leather SS21 Lookbook

Kate, Cognac Stromboli Leather
Kate, Black Stromboli Leather


Harper bag SS21 Lookbook

Harper, Cognac Classic Leather
Harper, Black Classic Leather


Lola Coin Purse SS21 Lookbook

Lola Coin Purse, Cognac Croco Classic Leather
Lola Coin Purse, Cognac Classic Leather
Lola Coin Purse, Black Croco Classic Leather
Lola Coin Purse, Black Classic Leather  


Becks Bum Bag Navy Croco Leather SS21 Lookbook

Beck’s Bum Bag, Navy Croco Classic Leather


Harmonica, Classic Leather SS21 Lookbook

Harmonica Wallet, Black Classic Leather
Harmonica Wallet, Cognac Classic Leather


Bobbi Bag Maxi, Classic Leather SS21 Lookbook

Bobbi Bucket Bag Maxi, Black Classic Leather
Bobbi Bucket Bag Maxi, Cognac Classic Leather



Laura Coin Purse Classic Black Leather SS21 Lookbook
Laura Purse, Black Classic Leather
Laura Purse, Cognac Classic Leather


Nano Bag, Black Classic Leather