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We are a passionate team who strive to make eco friendly leather bags and accessories. We value the power of business to create social change and aim to make a difference in the world. Do you want to work with an ambitious team?

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Our HQ is located on the Ceintuurbaan in the vibrant The Pijp area.


We're changemakers


Our intrinsically motivated team strive for change and innovation.


We make eco friendly leather bags and accessories

Meet The Team

<center>Paulien Wesselink</center>

Paulien Wesselink

Founder and CEO

<center>Jessica Kallenberg</center>

Jessica Kallenberg

Head of Product & Sustainability

<center>Loes Perrée</center>

Loes Perrée

Commercial Director

<center>Maddie Hight</center>

Maddie Hight

Head of Marketing

<center>Laura Glade</center>

Laura Glade

Wholesale Manager

<center>Femke Lotgerink</center>

Femke Lotgerink

Sustainability Manager

<center>Mirjam Paauw</center>

Mirjam Paauw

Head of Finance & Operations

<center>Suzanne Hofstee</center>

Suzanne Hofstee

Account Manager

<center>Laura Drew</center>

Laura Drew

Visual Brand Designer

<center>Linn Bank</center>

Linn Bank

Account Manager

<center>Giulia N. Di Francesco</center>

Giulia N. Di Francesco

Retail Manager Netherlands

<center>Kseniia Matrosova</center>

Kseniia Matrosova

PR & Influencer Specialist 

<center>Federica Amato</center>

Federica Amato

Retail Marketing Manager

<center>Lotta Ylitalo</center>

Lotta Ylitalo

Supply Chain Specialist

<center>Inge van Buren</center>

Inge van Buren

Account Manager

<center>Iris Rusman</center>

Iris Rusman

HR Advisor

<center>Thea Melliza</center>

Thea Melliza

Social Media Coordinator

<center>Emily Gray</center>

Emily Gray

E-Commerce Specialist

<center>Aglaé Konstantinidis</center>

Aglaé Konstantinidis

Account Manager 

<center>Aurora Giosa</center>

Aurora Giosa

Account Manager

<center>Danaé van Oostveen</center>

Danaé van Oostveen

Customer Experience Coordinator

<center>Maria del Mar</center>

Maria del Mar

Office Manager

<center>Michelle de Clerq</center>

Michelle de Clerq

Content Creator

<center>Rachel Carabok</center>

Rachel Carabok

Graphic Designer

<center>Nathaniel Vasquez</center>

Nathaniel Vasquez

Digital Marketing Specialist

<center>Sara Pakkanen</center>

Sara Pakkanen

E-Commerce Support

<center>Miguel Batalha</center>

Miguel Batalha

Logistics & Customer Experience Manager

<center>Alexandra Volentir</center>

Alexandra Volentir

Retail Marketing Intern

<center>Lauren Olde Riekerink</center>

Lauren Olde Riekerink

Customer Experience & HR Intern

<center> Ariadna Aragonès Cantero </center>

Ariadna Aragonès Cantero

PR & Influencer Intern

<center>Daniela Tedesco</center>

Daniela Tedesco

Assistant Store Manager

<center>Maria Eduarda</center>

Maria Eduarda

Assistant Store Manager

<center>Merel Rosenberg</center>

Merel Rosenberg

International B2B support