Our 2025 Vision

O My Bag is committed to making a positive difference in the world. Our fairly made leather bags and accessories respect both our planet and the people living on it.

We connect producers in small communities to the global market and create fair job opportunities. As a company we are constantly striving to improve our processes to become more conscious and sustainable.

goals chart

Fairly Made


• Encourage employment for women. Help increase positions at our partner factories that are held by women to 30%. 

• Co-set up a women factory in Kolkata run by and for women by 2022


• All employees at our partner factories receive not a minimum, but a living wage.


• Provide bi-annual skills and education trainings to at least 25 employees of each of our partner factories in India (for example on human rights, labor rights, gender equality, sanitation or nutrition).


• Place orders every two months by 2020 to create steady and year round employment opportunities at our partner factories.


• Continue to support social projects in India related to women empowerment and education.

Eco Friendly


• 100% of energy used for own operations stems from renewable sources (achieved Q4 2019).


• Minimize CO2 emissions wherever possible, e.g. by using more sustainable raw materials, packaging or transportation methods. 

• Become carbon neutral by offsetting remaining emissions by 2025.


• Reduce carbon emissions induced by shipping by 20% by 2020.

• Achieve carbon neutral shipping by 2020 (achieved Q4 2019).


• Calculate the environmental impact of an O My Bag and set up a strategy to reduce impact by 2020. 


• Become a certified B Corp by the end of 2020 to demonstrate achievements, track performance and improve over time.


• Increase the circularity of O My Bag’s business model and its products, by

  • Ensuring the high quality and longevity of products
  • Ensuring easy repairability of bags
  • Promoting the OMB Second Hand program
  • Design for disassembly  
  • Increasing recyclability and biodegradability of materials



• Publish first annual report including goals and achievements by Q1 2020.

• Inform about the importance of fair fashion via website and social media. 


• Achieve 100% traceability of our manufacturers’ direct suppliers and first level indirect suppliers (OMB Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers) by 2020. Achieve complete supply chain transparency by 2025.

• Be transparent about environmental impacts, share reduction targets and report on progress. 


• Participate in round table discussions, lectures and fair fashion meet-ups over 20 times by 2025.

• Have a strong brand presence in all major cities around the world from Tokyo to Paris and from London to New York.

Our Progress

Curious how we are doing so far? Check out our impact below.

Fairly Made

  • 5612 lives positively impacted since O My Bag started
  • 783 fair jobs provided by O My Bag partner factories in India
  • 50% of our producers have female account managers
  • the average percentage of female employees in our four main factories is 19,2 while the industry average is 7
  • leather training course funded for a female employee of our Indian partner tannery – she now holds a managerial position
  • 3 Brickfield Schools funded in 2019 with the help of our customers, this enables 194 kids to go to school this year

Eco Friendly

  • 35.7g of hazardous chemicals are avoided per Dirty Harry bag through sustainable tanning practices
  • 100% organic cotton
  • 100% of shipping induced emissions are offset
  • 100% of our office and stores run on renewable energy
  • 66% of carbon emissions related to our packaging avoided by using recycled materials
  • 17% of our customers choose the reusable packaging option RePack
  • 255 Bags saved from landfill with our second-hand library in 2019


  • 100% traceability of Tier 1 suppliers
  • 40% traceability of Tier 2 suppliers
  • 8 blogs posted by O My Bag on the topic of sustainability in 2019
  • 1.3K page views on our sustainability-related blog posts in 2019
  • 6343 people reached by sustainability related Instagram posts in 2019
  • 7.1K new followers gained on Instagram in 2019

Sustainability Report

At O My Bag we strive to make a positive difference in the world. This report reflects on everything we worked on in 2019. Learn more about our ethical approach, the relationships with our partner factories and find out how we keep our environmental footprint low. Join us on our path towards fashion sustainability.


lives positively impacted with social projects in India


fair jobs provided by O My Bag’s producers in India


of harmful chemicals avoided per Dirty Harry


carbon neutral shipping


of our B2C packages are sent with a reusable RePack


of the water used in the tanning process is water collected during the monsoon season


bags given a second life through our second-hand program


renewable energy for our office and stores in Amsterdam and The Hague