Destination: Fall

Warm, golden hues and a crisp in the air; fall is coming. O My Bag chooses
a calm forest escape where winding down doesn’t rule out looking stylish.
Add a tablespoon of retro to some natural leathers: Our recipe to a lovely fall.

Beck’s Bum Bag, Cognac Stromboli Leather with Checkered Strap

Laura Bag, Black Classic Leather (with two straps)

Bobbi Bucket Bag, Black Classic Leather (with two straps)

Bee’s Box Bag, Ruby Classic Leather

Sue, Cognac Classic Croco Leather | Coco Coin Purse, Cognac Classic Croco Leather

Estimated Arrival: 31st October

Gina, Cognac Classic Leather

Coasters, Wild Oak Leather

Notebook Cover, Cognac Classic Croco Leather, Black Classic Croco Leather, Camel Hunter Leather

Nano Bag, Ruby Classic Leather

Olivia, Cognac Stromboli Leather

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