The Ultimate Sustainable Picnic

This summer we'll be exploring the beauty of our own backyard, balcony and nearby parks - in the most sustainable way possible. Read our top tips for prepping the ultimate picnic without plastic. Plus, learn how you can participate in our latest giveaway to win a complete sustainable picnic set yourself!
by Elise Hoven on Jul 10, 2020

The Ultimate Sustainable Picnic

When the sun is (finally!) out, get your blanket and start prepping for the perfect picnic. As it’s Plastic Free July, we like to add some extra green to the menu. Let’s start with some tips how to organize a sustainable picnic.

  • Incorporate eco-friendly picnic gear. Plastic Free July may be about reducing and eliminating the use of plastic – at O My Bag we opt to reduce our amount of waste in general. Food containers, napkins, and multifunctional cutlery – the options are endless! Did you know that dustbags are super handy for food storage, such as apples or almonds?
  • Finger food! Serving small snacks will avoid the need of plates or cutlery. The only things you need are some napkins (we like to use some cloth ones that are washable) to clean up. And hey, no dishes to wash when you get home by the end of the day!
  • A picnic outside is a pure bliss – friends, food, and sunshine.. But we’ll leave the plastic & waste out.
  • Prep it yourself. At O My Bag, we believe that the best-catered picnics are the ones with home cooked meals and snacks. Come up with some brilliant food-and-drink combos and encourage your friends to bring some home cooked yummy treats.


The full package

Win: A Sustainable Picnic Set

Feeling inspired? Good news! You can win a sustainable picnic basket by entering our Instagram competition that we organize with the help of Ecomondo and Bird Sunglasses.

  1. Bambu Eat & Drink Zero Waste Kit: Don’t worry about waste – with the knife, fork, spoon & straw (+ matching spork and chopsticks) you’ll be prepared for every type of meal.
  2. Bee’s Wrap – the natural alternative to plastic wrap food storage. The best news – will keep food fresh even longer. Made from certified organic cotton coated with a mix of natural ingredients, including sustainable sourced bee’s way. Fun fact: we use the Bee’s Wrap in the O My Bag’s office kitchen as well.
  3. Mama Wata bottle: go-to stainless steel bottle designed by 24Bottles, sunny and easygoing style! Super lightweight, so your picnic basket wont be too heavy to carry. BPA-free, green up your hydration game!
  4. A Slice of Green’s leak free RVS lunchbox: With different layered containers, from stainless steel. Responsibly produced in North India, working towards a zero waste on-the-go lunch.
  5. Bird’s Kaka Honey Sunglasses: We’re not letting you go out on a picnic without some cool sustainable sunglasses – oh, those sunny days. Bird’s unique designs are not just stunning, combined with the Share Your Sun commitment, becoming the symbol of the power of solar energy. Each pair of Bird Sunglasses will provide a family in Africa to benefit from a solar lamp. The frames are made of certified woods, bio-based acetate and recycled aluminum.
  6. Nano Bag: smallest and most compact bags in our collection: The Nano Bag. This itty-bitty bag is all about the essentials. With enough space for your mobile phone, coin purse, lip balm and keys, the little Nano Bag makes a big statement. We’ve optimized the interior for her compact size. You’ll be able to bring your essentials, and being able to carry your picnic gear along.
  7. Tom’s Tote: This tote bag has an urban and young vibe, while still matching all of your outfits including your Nano Bag. Tom’s will fit all your food containers, picnic blanket, and even a small picnic basket for the feels.


Next up, how to staycay

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