The Ultimate Retreat

2020 is only one month in, and its already time to take a little break to totally refresh. We think you’re not the only one who deserves a retreat; we think your bag does too. So guess what? We've created a plan (and yes, tested the steps ourselves) for you and your bag – to fully recharge and start this year with a bang.
by Elise Hoven on Jan 21, 2020

Time to Refresh!

A new decade has started, and it’s time to refresh! At O My Bag, we’re all into retreats this month. Some of our teammates did the steps, and we’ve decided to pass it on to you as well. Because we believe everyone deserves a fresh start, we’ve listed 3 steps to get you AND your bag the ultimate retreat at home – in a sustainable and affordable way.

So, what’s a retreat? It’s a place or state where you pull back from the world, to develop a stronger connection to yourself by dedicating some quality time. But guess what – we think your bag deserves some me-time as well! Here are 3 steps/tips for you and your bag to do a conscious DIY retreat at home.

Step 1: Getting out the Dirt


Ever heard of a juice cleanse? It’s a detox diet where you drink only fruit and vegetable juices. Yes, it’s quite challenging and may sound extreme, but definitely worth the try. Juice cleanses will get you some extra nutrition in your body to improve your overall health – plus, they will make you feel more energetic in the long run. Our PR Manager Laura made some juices at home and brought them to the office in recycled bottles.


Your Bag

What can we do to clean your bag from the inside out? Simple: the vacuum treatment! Get out those bread crumbles and bobby pins to make your bag fully clean on this inside. Want to go the extra mile and feel super fresh? Our Sales manager Loes used Marie-Stella-Maris Linen Mist in the subtle scent Eau de Lavande. This spray will freshen up the GOTS cotton lining without having a smell that’s too strong. And the best part? Marie-Stella Maris donates a fixed amount toward clean water projects worldwide. Smelling fresh, and doing good!

Step 2: Getting that Glow


So, after cleaning from inside out, step 2 of our retreat is all about the surface to get you and your bag’s facial all glowy. The Rub Scrub coffee scrub will make your skin as new again while you don’t have to worry about your eco-footprint. The scrub is made from leftover Fair Trade Coffee that is produced in Holland. It works exfoliating and moisturizes at the same time. Want to go totally DIY? Mix 1/2 cup coffee and 1/2 cup brown sugar, until the ingredients are combined well. Softly rub, sit back and relax, and voila – your skin will be as soft as a baby!


Your Bag

Some lotion and wax spray will work wonders on your bag, getting ready to look all shiny and well-fed. To clean an used bag or to touch-up a new bag. Note: only use cleansers and conditioners that are made for the specific type of leather. For more information, check out our care and repair page and click here. Here are some different products that you could use for your beloved bag!


Step 3: Spicing it up with some Color

So, this last step will actually benefit both you and your bag at the same time.

Pick a bright and vibrant color to put your wardrobe in a total new perspective. Are you the lucky owner of a bag with dog hook or eyelid? Try and additional and adjustable add-on shoulder strap. Our orange, red, and black Webbing Strap with black leather details got just back in stock!

Freshen up your wardrobe in the eco-friendly way! Our E-commerce manager Maddie got all oohs-and-aahs when she walked into the office with a silky scarf to her beautiful Georgia in Wild Oak. A simple alternative for a new strap, but still a pop of color.


The benefit of this all is to actually take time to sit down and be kind to yourself and your possessions. Become mindful of your bag’s needs and renew it with just some simple steps. It might not be on the top of your to-do list, but taking time to revamp your good old bag is definitely worth the try, especially in combination with some DIY home spa rituals.


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Elise Hoven
O My Bag