Restyle, Rewear, Revamp

We design our bags to stand the test of time. A long life should be beautiful and exciting. We list our top tips to Restyle, Rewear and Revamp your beloved O My Bag.
by Elise Hoven on Apr 27, 2020

Spice it up

During Fashion Revolution week, we discussed our production, distribution and other labels that believe in circular fashion movement – but what can we do ourselves to prolong the lives of our dearest bags? If you feel like your bag could use a new lease on life, read on. We break down multiple ways to reuse, rewear and restyle your bag, giving it a little bit of extra spice.

Swap the Strap

Are you the lucky owner of a bag with a dog hook or eyelid? Try an additional, adjustable add-on shoulder strap. It’s a non-permanent option to add some color to your bag, and you can easily swap straps depending on your mood or the occasion.

An add-on strap is a no-brainer when it comes to altering your look. A webbing strap or golden brass chain? Or just a shorter strap in the same color? There are so many options! We love to play with proportion: add a short strap to a bigger cross-body, or wear a our statement webbing strap with one of our mini’s.

Play with proportion: Emily (left) & Nano Bag (right)

The Scarf Treatment

From bandanas to silk scarfs, all you need to do is knot the scarf to the base of the strap or handle. Go for a symmetrical style or add a detail to one side of your bag – there are many possibilities within this level.

Adding a scarf is also a perfect way to cover up Imperfections, marks or distract from discoloration. Our work appropriate Georgia becomes a bit more casual with a scarf around her handles, making her a perfect tote for a walk in the park.

Here are some of our favourite examples.

Scarf-in' it up: Georgia (left) & Emily (right)

Full-Blown Makeover

Okay, this level might be a bit more permanent but definitely fun. Do you feel creative or have a friend who’s an artist? Acrylic-based leather paint is a great way to give a fresh look to pre-loved bags.

Yes, painting bags is a thing! Wipe down the exterior of your bag with some Saddle Soap to remove any dust or dirt and to help the acrylic leather paint to adhere better.Stuff your bag with tissue paper or towels to give it a stiffer surface – and your ‘canvas’ is ready to paint! From color-blocking to some fine details illustrations – the options are endless.

Last year we did a collab with Sophie Goderie:

Tender Love ‘n Care

Happy with the way your bag looks, but you want to give her some extra tender love ‘n care? Here are some resources to inspire and help you out.

Do you have some tips of your own to rewear, restyle or revamp your bag? We’re all ears! Shoot us a message on Instagram, and we’re happy to share your tip.