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Our Instagram is filled with beautiful images from inspiring women, from actresses to fashion lovers. Get to know what gets our girls excited in quarantine and who they are style crushing over!
by Elise Hoven on Apr 30, 2020

Meet: Kato

Kato Hoste, a 25 year old city- and fashion lover living in Bruges, Belgium. “I love styling my Nano Bag in Black Croco Classic Leather with chunky sneakers and an oversized shirt!”

What’s the latest song you’ve been listening to?
Kato: “Definitely Toosie Slide from Drake!”

What delicious treats have you been baking or cooking while at home?
Kato: “I love my vegan cinnamon buns, banana oatmeal cookies and homemade bread.”

What influences your style?
Kato: “Instagram is my main inspiration source! I love the accounts of @yara_michels, @emitaz and @bentheliem.”

What’s your dream date with your Nano Bag?
Kato: “My dream date would be wearing my Nano Bag with a sleek black dress and some high heels on a night out eating good food and drinking red wine.”

She's in love with the croco version

Meet: Helle

Helle Vanderheyden is a 29 years old actress from Belgium with a big passion for fashion, traveling and beauty. “Because of my work as an actress, my Instagram followers started growing. I always try to keep my feed fun and playful!” Helle is wearing our Beck’s Bum Bag with Checkered Strap.

What made you fall for our Beck’s Bum Bag?
Helle: “I love the design and that it is handy and convenient! If you don’t want a big handbag but still have all your essentials with you!”

What is your favorite musical to watch at home?
Helle: “Grease! (I played Sandy myself ;-))”

How are you surviving quarantine?
Helle: “TikTok, puzzles, singing, dancing, long walks, calls with friends and family.”

Helle and Beck's: What a match!

Meet: Milou

Milou Tjioe is stylist and creative from the east of the Netherlands. When scrolling through her feed you will notice straight away that this girl has talent. “I am a big sucker for sunsets and shadow plays”.

Who is your style icon?
Milou: “Brigitte Bardot.”

What was the last book you read?
Milou: “Honeymoon in Paris.”

Who is your favorite photographer?
Milou: “Brydie Mack. The romantic, stylish, yet sexy feel she creates is amazing. Besides that, I just love analogue photography big time!”

Milou has an eye for detail

Meet: Martyna

Meet Martyna Majchrza from Antwerp, Belgium. She loves to take her Gina in Black for a stroll through her city. “I love living in a city, but one day I hope to live in a small farm far away from the city and have my own cows to run free. I work for a culinary magazine, so my days are full of food and writing about it!”

What’s the last song you listened to?
Martyna: “The Strokes – Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus.”

What delicious treats have you been baking or cooking while at home?
Martyna: “My boyfriend and I baked our own bread, we also like to make new vegetarian dishes with different kinds of vegetables.”

What influences your style?
Martyna: “Everything around me. I can get inspired from the color of the sky, the smell of flowers or a new serie I’m watching. I also like to look at people, how they use colors or put different fabrics together.”

What’s your dream date with your Gina?
Martyna: “A warm cosy spring afternoon. Going for a coffee, enjoying the sun and listening to relaxing music while walking down the streets. The black color of Gina is timeless and I love that!”

Martyna knows how to style her Gina!

Let's get inspired

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