Positivity Tips from India

With COVID-19 still on the rise, we decided to exchange some positivity tips with Ipshita, O My Bag Account Manager at our partner factory STC in Kolkota, India. Here are her answers, time to lift our spirits! We're in this together.
by Leonie on Oct 14, 2020

An Update

2020 has been unpredictable to say the least, but we’re trying to stay positive as a second wave of Covid-19 hits Europe and cases across the continent increase.

Again, we’re facing restrictions on how we live and work, social interactions are limited and fun plans may be put on hold. These life changes can be a struggle at times, but we have to keep going in order to flatten the curve and keep ourselves, and others safe. 

So, how are we doing at O My Bag? Some of us love the extra me-time they get due to reduced social activities while others miss the social interactions and the after-work wine with colleagues. Worries regarding our friends and families health, the economic situation and the future can be heavy, so we’re finding ways to stay positive, with top tips from our team in India.

Let's Stay Positive

India has the second highest number of total Covid-19 cases worldwide and the third highest total death rate. A decline in new daily Covid-19 cases in the past weeks are giving some hope: some voices argue India has passed the peak. Others, however, warn that this is only a dip in a still increasing curve.

The country has been under a strict lockdown for months. Only recently restrictions have been lifted in Kolkata, the situation however, stays alarming and people are asked to strictly adhere to precautionary measures. 

In the first period of the lockdown, our partner factories were closed for several weeks and operations resumed again from June onwards. Strict health & safety measures apply to prevent the spread of the virus and to keep everyone safe and healthy.

We recently spoke to Ipshita, our O My Bag Account Manager at our partner factory STC in Kolkota, India. She shared her experiences so far and tips to keep positive as the situation evolves.

“Times are scary, but we are blessed to be financially secure and not worry about our livelihood- which is not the case for many other people.”

How has your life and work been impacted by the pandemic?

“My work has completely changed. It’s all virtual now, and I manage everything over the phone. This is a necessity since with a two year old, I cannot risk exposure. 

Social life is zero, in the truest sense. I have only been able to meet my parents a few times, and other than that we are always at home.”

Are you scared?

“The times are scary, but we are blessed to be financially secure and not worry about our livelihood- which is not the case for many other people. Other than that, since as a family we stayed at home completely in the initial few months, we felt safe.“

What has been the most difficult for you the past weeks?

“We’ve now been staying at home for six months. Honestly, my son keeps me very busy, and time has somehow flown. But I do miss going out, whether it’s to go to my parents’ place, the mall, or for dinners with friends.”

How do you keep in touch with your family and friends?

“It’s all been virtual. We connect over FaceTime and phone calls.”

Ipshita and her son
Ipshita and her son

What do you do to keep yourself busy in quarantine? Any tips for our team and the OMB fans?

“Because of the quarantine, I had to keep coming up with new ways to entertain and keep my two year old busy. So I started an Instagram page focussed on it. Also, this quarantine has really improved my cooking skills – from savoury to sweets. If you can’t go to a restaurant, you need to bring the restaurant home! :)”

How do you keep yourself positive and happy? Any tips?

“I think the fact that we have managed to stay safe so long, means that we are doing something right as a family. That keeps me positive, and the hope that if we continue taking all the precautions, we should get through this safely. Honestly, the only way forward is to stay positive and hope for a better future, one without masks and the freedom to breathe.”

How do you think the situation will develop in India in the coming months?

“I think we are at a place where there is no point in looking at the numbers. The number of cases in a country like ours, with such a dense population, will rise. The only way forward is to let things get back to normal, but ensure that everyone is taking all the necessary precautions. India seems to be moving in that direction – with a lot of relaxations coming into place. The mindset of the people has changed drastically, too, as compared to the initial months. There seems to be a widespread acceptance of the situation, and less fear among the general population.”

Jessica visiting STC in 2019 (Pre COVID)
Jessica visiting STC in 2019 (Pre COVID)


We admire Ipshita for being positive despite the challenges of being hit so hard as a country. Some recommendations we will be trying out at home thanks to Ipshita: 

  • Find your inner cook (or baker!)
  • Start an Instagram account for that project you’re always talking about.
  • Acceptance. Changing your mindset is key – look forward to a future where we appreciate things that we normally would take for granted. We would recommend reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey for some mind motivation.  

In addition, we wanted to share some O My Bag team tips that have been keeping us busy through the lockdown:

  • Our HR & Operations Manager Luna revamped her bathroom and made a beautiful DIY mosaic for the wall. 
  • Retail Marketing Intern Linn treated herself with a new mattress – bringing the hotel vibe to her room! 
  • Visual Design Manager Lonneke learned how to make the perfect toasted sandwich – with an air fryer! 
  • International Sales Manager Laura is enjoying various online workouts. Right now she’s loving the YouTube videos by Pamela Reif 

We hope you stay positive throughout these strange times and find something that makes you happy every day!

Make sure you check out Ipshita’s Instagram, and our Instagram and other blog posts for more India updates.

Stay safe! #Weareinthistogether




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