Green Friday Fund.
For the people instead of the prices.

This year, we're turning Black Friday Green, by shifting the focus to our pre-loved library. With the items you give back, we can give back. Instead of lowering the prices of our O My Bag pieces, we're appreciating the care and craftsmanship of our artisans by giving our pre-loved pieces a new home and a second chance at life.
by Leonie on Nov 20, 2020

Green Friday

2020 has been a tough year for our producers. Like many small businesses, the pandemic has proven to be an additional challenge for ethical manufactures. In celebration of beautiful craftsmanship, and in order to support our producers, we won’t offer any discounts during this year’s Black Friday Weekend.

Instead, we want to focus on our pre-loved library. Buying second hand and giving those items another chance means appreciating the work of the artisans who made them, supporting people and the and the planet. 

In addition, we have created the Green Friday Fund 2020 to raise money for the Brickfield Schools in India. All revenue from our pre-loved collection AND all profit from O My Bag sales from Friday 27th – Monday 30th November will go directly to the Green Friday Fund.

The Big picture

Fashion’s impact on the environment is substantial. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) calculated that fashion accounts for around 10% of global carbon emissions. An estimated 1.5 trillion litres of water are used annually. The use of hazardous chemicals has a negative impact across all parts of the supply chain and concerns about microplastics have been rising. 

No matter how sustainable, every company has an impact – and so do we. In order to get a better understanding about our impact and to set data driven goals for effective impact reduction, we did our first carbon footprint analysis this year. The results show that our average bag causes 7.3 kg of CO2, which is comparable to around 23 avocados, 5 T-Shirts or a bit less than an average Allbird Sneaker, which causes about 7.6 kg CO2.

We’re doing well but we can do better! We are working hard to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible on many different levels, for example by more sea shipments, local sourcing, low impact materials or energy efficiency measures at the office and stores. But there will always be some impact. We believe in buying fewer, but better things. Considered purchases contribute to the sustainability of the fashion industry and a healthier planet.

Buying second hand is a great option of reducing your footprint. With our pre-loved library we want to extend the life of our bags as much as possible and offer you the opportunity of making an ethical choice you’ll cherish forever.

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” – Anna Lappe

2020 - How can we help?

Workers in the fashion industry have been highly affected by the global pandemic as factories were closed and brands cancelled their orders. Many fashion factories were put into very precarious positions, facing cash flow problems, which led to difficulties in paying salaries. 

When asked how we can best support our partner factories the answer was clear. Continuing to pay fair product prices and stable orders are the best and most sustainable aid they can wish for. 

We only work with factories that care for their employees, pay fair wages and manage their business sustainably. This business approach helped them to navigate through the crisis so far, they were able to keep their workforce and pay wages. 

All of them have been able to resume work, implementing strict precautionary measures to keep everyone safe. The artisans are doing their best to get the beautiful bags our way despite the difficult circumstances – let’s make sure that we appreciate them!

Giving Back

Every year we give back to social projects in India focusing on education and women empowerment, to ensure the wider community in Kolkata also benefits and grows along side O My Bag.

This year, we  supported the Kolkata Mary Ward Social Center with a donation to their emergency relief fund that helped the brickfield workers and their families at the beginning of the pandemic with food and protective equipment. We also supported one of our partner factories with a financial contribution, when they were experiencing cash flow problems. 

For the end of November, we have created  the Green Friday Fund to continue this support. Essentially, this means we will be giving back, what you give back. All revenue from our pre-loved items brought back by you, will go directly to our Green Friday Fund. In this way, we not only support a great project in India, but also stimulate mindful consumption and circularity. In addition, O My Bag will give all profit from each regular sale from November 27th to 30th to the Green Friday Fund to make sure we reach this year’s goal of 15.000 EUR. 

The money of the Fund will be donated to the Brickfield School project of the Kolkata Mary Ward Social Center. Last year, our support helped to open three new Brickfield Schools. To keep them open for 2021 our goal is to raise the funding for the coming school year, providing 150 children with access to education. 

Instead of supporting a different project each time, we believe the long-term support of our trusted partners will have the most impact.


We want to encourage making a purchase that you will care for, and treasure forever. At the same time, we do our best to maximize the benefit for our Indian friends and minimize environmental impact.

This may not correspond to a discount, but  happy people and a healthy planet is an even better deal, don’t you think?



Leonie x

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